Proactively manage IT assets to minimize risk

ARONTO represents the reality of your IT landscape so that you can build more resilient systems. A knowledge graph for IT asset management provides insights into the relationship between all assets so that you can identify individual sources of error, determine the explosion radius of theoretical incidents and understand business processes. Standardizing IT assets with the data they have access to can reveal dependencies between sources and facilitate risk and resilience analysis.

Offer a 360-degree customer perspective

One of your greatest assets are your customer data. To drive digital transformation, you need to drive standardization and an improved context for customer data. ARONTO helps you to build an unified view of customer data, which leads to an improved data context and quality, improved analysis functions and improved searchability and findability of customer data.

Improve company-wide data management

The number of new regulations is increasing. Marketing inquiries are becoming more and more demanding. The requirements for analytical reporting are constantly changing. Be ahead of the curve with ARONTO. Unifying corporate data enables faster response to data requests, better results when meaningful data is required, and less time spent on reporting and compliance.

Provide actionable data to professionals

Organizations need quick access to data, and they need to be able to intelligently search through this data in order to generate insights relevant to their particular area. ARONTO captures the real data context and can determine the various connections between concepts. Our flexible and dynamic data layer allows for easy iteration and updating as new data is ingested. The result is a powerful search facility that understands the user’s intent and can uncover complex relationships from simple keywords alone.

Modernize model-based system engineering workflows

Increase productivity and reduce the costs of increasingly complex engineering systems. ARONTO modernizes MBSE workflows by facilitating collaboration between teams and offering a holistic view of the milestones in the life cycle. Maintain the source of truth across systems without replicating, changing, or moving data.

Complex customer projects, massive benefits

Realized customer projects in the areas of asset and service management, data hub, SLA management, order management and invoicing, fleet management, ISO 27001 compliance management, real estate fund management and as a replacement for Excel in a multiuser environment.