There is a solution to overcome all the issues and problems of the application-centric approach. This is a relatively new movement called the ‚data-centric approach‘. In the data-centric world each application functionality is based on a single simple, extensible and enterprise wide data model. The data  model is independent from the applications. It is enduring while the applications come and go. All applications share one model.

If the data in this model are connected they get a meaning similar to the way our brain is working. The data become semantic and the data model is a semantic model. Such a networked model is  called Knowledge Graph. Knowledge is created.

The data-centric approach is a revolutionary approach and many thought leaders in the IT industry have signed the ‚Data-Centric-Manifesto‘ ( Some of the most successful companies in the world have used this approach: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook.

The ARONTO platform is using 100% the data-centric approach for the development of enterprise applications. It‘s outstanding characteristics are an Enterprise Ontology representing the single data model and building a Knowledge Graph through connected data objects. A further outstanding characteristic is the NO Code capability. An ARONTO application model does not need any code and is directly executable.

ARONTO enterprise applications can be developed with up to one tenth of time, resources and budget with less complexity and increased quality.

The data-centric approach is not able to replace the old application-centric landscape immediately, but it is the innovative future. It is possible to start small and introduce the new approach over time. The barrier to go for it is not technology but human resistance and inertia. Companies which are not willing to follow this trend may fall behind loosing competitive advantage.