ALADYN Software GmbH is a management buy out from a former larger software company, which has been sold by it’s founder Albert Fuß, who is also the main shareholder of ALADYN and responsible for product management. ARONTO has been taken over as an asset from the former software company. Beside Albert Fuß there are 2 more shareholders (see: Management), one the responsible Managing Director and the other one for Business Development. Furthermore parts of the development team is available as freelancers to train and support customers in the usage of ARONTO.

Due to reasons of age the shareholders do not want to build a sales- and marketing organisation. They would like to find a capable and large enough strategic investor who wants to buy ARONTO in an asset deal and wants to sell ARONTO in the market or use the platform for it’s own purposes for a quantum step in productivity and innovation.

Two important customers, Colt Telecom and NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, guarantee a continuous revenue flow based on SaaS. The cash flow is positive and the company has no debt.