Markus Drengk
Markus DrengkGeneral Manager, CEO
Markus Drengk has been working in information technology since 1998. He is now taking over the management of ALADYN from the founders. His aim is to combine the forward-looking holistic concept of the aronto software with the current possibilities of artificial intelligence to deliver practical applications for medium-sized companies.
Friedrich Fleischmann
Friedrich FleischmannCo-founder and chairman of the advisory board
Chairman of SVB
NTT Data Business Solutions

MD Adobe for Central Europe and Emerging Markets


leading management positions,
at DEC, CSC and IBM

Dipl. Ing. communication engineering and MBA INSEAD

Albert Fuss
Albert FussCo-founder member of the advisory board
Founder and only
shareholder of ICS software

responsible for ALADYN developement

Wolfgang Herzog
Wolfgang HerzogCo-founder and member of the advisory board
Sales Manager at ICS

long experience in software development and software marketing

Dipl. Ing. technical